talking to nano

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talking to me

as said on the main page, YES! it's kinda crazy how many people tell me that they're scared to talk to me. don't let my follower count fool you, that's just a useless metric. i'm actually extremely approachable! using any of the social networking/instant messaging links on the main page, you (yes, you!) can directly message me anything you like, whenever you like, for whatever reason! whether you want to ask my opinion about something, show me something cool, or just say hi, i'm open to any and all conversation, no matter your gender, skin colour, religion, sexuality, political alignment, nationality, beliefs, or anything else

there is, however, one rule... DON'T BE MEAN!! that's it, that's the only rule. just don't be a dick to me! if you're messaging me just to make fun of me or be an asshole, i simply won't talk to you

so, what about roleplay? that's cool too! however it's a little nuanced for me. i'm not one to do a long, drawn out, story based roleplay. my kind of roleplay is those little things, like cuddling or doing other small actions that don't lead to a giant narrative. keep it short and sweet!

so, what about something a little less safe for work? maybe you could say it's... not safe for work... "nsfw", even... well...