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the website of nano, aka rae

welcome to my website

i'm just gonna automatically assume you're here for my links, so there they are down below! but first...

quick things about me!

i'm nano, but my real name is rae! you can call me that too if you like! my pronouns are she/her and they/them (he/him too, but only if we're friends), i'm from england, i'm a transfem non-binary demigirl, i'm plural, i'm a therian/otherkin, and i'm autistic. if you want to know more about me, best thing to do is follow my social network pages or just talk to me! i don't bite, promise! i'll write something more comprehensive later, but this'll do for now

if you want to learn more about my identity, i have a pronouns.page!

also my boyfriend is commenter, i love him 🩷💚

social networking and instant messaging

fediverse @nano@yiff.life
telegram @nanopone
xmpp nano@knotsinside.me
matrix @nano:catgirl.cloud
discord nano#5264
retrospring @nanopone
bluesky @nano.lgbt
twitter @nano_pone as of 2023/01/25, i am no longer on twitter
email nano@cumallover.me or rae@nano.lgbt

miscellaneous pages/presences

youtube @nanopone
twitch nano_pone
speedrun nanopone
last.fm rikupone
tumblr blog.nano.lgbt
reddit u/rikupone

gaming names and friend codes

steam id/nanopone
gog nanopone
minecraft nano_pone
oculus nanopone
rockstar nanopone
switch SW-7488-9062-8799
mario kart wii 1724-0036-5616
epic nanopone
origin nanopone
battle.net nano#23775
itch.io nanopone

basically, i'm either nano, nanopone or nano_pone. riku and rikupone are my old names. i only use these names on old accounts i can't change my name on


specs my main pc, the peripherals i use with it, and other tech i frequently use

cool people

the shoutout box. these are the cool people i know who also have a website

sign my guestbook

please note that, if you sign my guestbook, your public ip address will be logged and displayed alongside everyone else, but public ip addresses are not sensitive information anyhow. please use a proxy or a vpn if you're in a situation where that information needs to be kept private.