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welcome to my website

if you're on a phone, don't complain about the site being hard to read. i simply Do Not Care.

basically, about me

hi! my name is rae. i'm a computer obsessed furry. i'm 19 years old, british, autistic, transgender, omnisexual and my pronouns are she/her. i've been consistently active on the internet since around 2009 and had my first website in 2011 thanks to moonfruit, which is now long gone and was not archived. i choose to keep the tradition of personal handmade websites out of principle (and because carrd is fucking lame).

my hobbies

my hobbies include playing old games, watching a lot of youtube, listening to shitty podcasts, listening to stupid music, watching terrible cartoons, dicking around with various tech devices, looking at dumb furry art, talking to friends, tweeting way too fucking much, sometimes streaming on twitch, sometimes creating videos for youtube, and being nostalgic about Teh Old Dayz™.

my interests

my interests include computers/technology (both retro and new), video editing, audio stuff, keyboards, video games, collecting things i think are cool, and internet history/lore.

my favourite things

there used to be things here but i decided i don't like keeping a list of my favourite things up to date especially when the things i like changed a fuck ton. if you want to know my opinion on something, either ask me or stalk my social medias.

thanks for visiting :)

if there's something in here that isn't answered, feel free to reach out to me or something.

how to get in contact with me

telegram @nano_pone
twitter @nano_pone
discord nano#9999
session 0536261027955663f3f9cbb693112770ec0a4a0fa2e6601a9e8198b9ca10dd4321
signal +1 (909) 505-2205
phone +1 (909) 505-2205

how to give me money

cashapp £nanopone

things i do

youtube nano
twitch nano_pone
speedrun nanopone
reddit u/rikupone rikupone

how to play games with me

steam id/nanopone
gog nanopone
minecraft nano_pone
oculus nanopone
rockstar nanopone
switch SW-7488-9062-8799
mario kart wii 1724-0036-5616
epic nanopone
origin nanopone nano#23775 nanopone

basically, i'm either nano, nanopone or nano_pone. riku and rikupone are my old names. i only use these names on old accounts i can't change my name on.


specs my main pc, the peripherals i use with it, and other tech i frequently use

cool people

the shoutout box. these are the cool people i know who also have a website.

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