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the website of nano, aka rae

welcome to my website

i'm just gonna automatically assume you're here for my links, so there they are down below! but first...

quick things about me!

i'm nano, but my real name is rae. you can call me that too if you like! i like computer and tech stuff, i play video games sometimes, i listen to lots of music, i dick around with linux and unix stuff, and i fuckin' love the internet. my pronouns are she/her and they/them, i'm from england, i'm a transgirl, i'm plural, i'm a middle age regressor (13), i'm therian/otherkin, and i'm autistic. if you want to know more about me, best thing to do is follow my social network pages or just talk to me directly! i don't bite, promise <3

if you want to learn more about my identity, i have a pronouns.cc page!

if you wanna see the art of my fursona/ponysona, head over to my art portal!

also my boyfriend is commenter, i love him 🩷💚

"can i talk to you?" YES!

social networking and instant messaging

things i host/made